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Ready or Not 2, the second installment of the franchise, adds a huge level of customization for the player. The game mechanics A grid-based tactical map with a classic RPG experience and dozens of weapons to create and play your own "Cop Hunter" adventure. - Tactical shooter with over-the-top graphics and visceral sounds - Multiple game modes - More than 20 weapons available to customize your character - A customizable character's back story - Permadeath Go on a thrilling adventure to take down those who have been hunting you Choose your weapons, your gear, and your back story to start on your way to destroying the city Drop in/out of the story at any time as you create the perfect hunter With dozens of possible back stories, you'll customize your character from the ground up Adapt to each situation and you'll be the hunter nobody ever expected Game features - Perform well or die: the mission isn't complete until the target is dead - Detailed maps and graphics, enhanced by texture filters - Dozens of weapons to customize your character and play your own hunting adventure - More than 20 weapons available in the game - More than 20 maps and weather conditions - Permadeath: the game ends when you are dead - Move and fight without reloading - True Third Person Shooter - Beat other players online - Local co-op mode (up to 4 players) Beside the latest gameplay, Ready or Not 2 also offers a huge level of customization for the player. You'll be able to choose your character's back story, customize their appearance, choose their weapons and even their starting equipment (although you can't choose a passive skill). There's also a third set of abilities (called "experiences") that you can choose at any point in the game: your character's back story influences these, as well as the power of the gun you use. There are many bonuses you can unlock in the game: These give you access to additional weapons, more ammunition, more skills, special abilities and even more money. You'll be able to choose them at any point in the game. First person shooters in the end of the 20th century are quite rare. They lack that visceral, originality that, despite its flaws, we still love. But Ready or Not




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